CAS Programs for IB Schools
Our CAS Programs offer one more way to enhance their students' personal and interpersonal development

Creativity Activity Service
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona, CREATIVITY SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona, HIKING SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona, COMMUNITY SERVICE

With SpainBcn-CAS Programs, through experiential learning, students gain confidence and knowledge.


Our CAS programs can be adapt to the specific need of each school.

Arts and other experiences that involve creative thinking or performance.
Physical exertion contributing to not only have fun but enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
An unpaid and voluntary work that has learning benefit for the student.

A SpainBcn-CAS Program will combine all the components or do activities related to each one separately.

These are just some of our proposals:

Flamenco Programs

Soccer Camp / Football Camp

Community services
Theater Tennis Camp Helping others
Spanish Cooking Class Basketball Being a teacher for a week
History of Art Swimming (competitive levels) Making new friends
Architectural tours Waterpolo (competitive level) Riffles
Modernist Route in Barcelona Volleyball (indoors or outdoors)  
Art Workshops Historical Routes  

The SpainBcn-CAS Programs will give your students:

1.- the opportunity to help enrich the lives of others;
2.- to actively work towards improving our environment;
3.- to discover anybody can make a difference and to feel the sense of empowerment which comes with that.

SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona

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