SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
Customized Flamenco programs for your groups
(all levels, all year round) with all dancers (optional)
dressed with traditional Flamenco costums

For groups from 8 up to 25, contact us and let us know about your dates and requests. We will customize a fantastic Flamenco Fiesta-Class in Barcelona for your group. Traditional Flamenco costum available for the dancers. Just this is a great fun!!
At SpainBcn we'll be happy to offer you the best Flamenco Program in Barcelona with professional flamenco dancers that will show and teach you quickly how to dance and how to feel flamenco. Our teachers are great Flamenco dancers who have their own Flamenco company in Barcelona.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
Learn more about the Flamenco dance: The most famous and celebrate dance in Spain is Flamenco. It takes long years of practice to dance real Flamenco...even then the most important is to feel inside the passion of this happy Music. The purpose of our "Flamenco Fiesta/Class" is to have lots of fun dancing, dressing, moving and feeling as a Flamenco dancer does. The Flamenco teacher shows to the group how to do some basic theatrical choreographies and the group has to follow the instructions with the vibrating music "Sevillanas" and "Alegrías", some of the most popular Spanish Music.
These tunes came from the convergent influences of Byzantine liturgical songs, Moorish lullabies and that particular store of musical knowledge brought by the gypsies to Spain several centuries ago. The dance underlines the pressing rhythm and expresses the emotions by means of movements of the hands, the fingers and the wrists...
Our location in Barcelona: We are located in the center of the city, less than 5 minutes walking distance from Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas, this is the most tourist part of Barcelona, we are in the main avenue of Passeig de Gracia.
At our place everything is ready for the class: music, dressess and accesories, great food, great teachers and dance program coordinators.

Traditional Flamenco costum available for all dancers: To get dressed and to take pictures once all are dressed with the Flamenco costums is the final touch for a great experience. We suggest to wear a t-shirt (any color is fine) that will look just fine with the skirts, shawls and others Flamenco accessories. It's not necessary to wear special shoes for this class, just confortable shoes to dance.

Contact us to offer to your students the perfect and complete cultural experience.
Let us organize and offer for your group a great Flamenco Program in Barcelona!!
You do not need to bring anything...just your camara to take fun pictures!


Contact us and let us know about your dates, group size and requests.

Contact us to inform about your dates in Barcelona and your group needs or preferences.