Some of our students' testimonials about their SpainBcn-Program in Barcelona

Hi all,
Just a note to thank you for taking such good care of Brandon and Charlie during their stay in Barcelona – they had a fantastic time !!  Also please pass on our thanks to their host family. With best wishes, Gary Sugarman

Thank you. It is a good life experience and flexibility and making the best of things is a good life quality.Thank you again for taking such good care of him and allowing the independence he seems to crave and be growing into. Best, Sarah (Lucas' mother)

Hy! Tyler had a really really good time. 
He is already starting to plan his trip back next year!!  Thank you! J

We feel that Tyler accomplished what he wanted from your program, which was to feel more comfortable in trying to speak Spanish.  We appreciate all the work your whole group did in picking up the kids, the daily programs, and all of the work that surrounded the program.
Thank you again. Regards,
Jennie, Sean and Tyler Kelly

Hi Miriam,
Nathan just sent me a quick note asking me to send you an email.  He is having such a wonderful time and we cannot thank you enough!  Also, he sent a message today to my daughter describing the delicious meal that his host family served last night -- so wonderful!

Many thanks. 

We would like to send our warmest Thank You for a great Camp!
We are all happy for all. Have a nice summer.
Send our regards to Alfred's host family and coach Xavi.

Regards Marie
Sarah had such a wonderful experience with your program, at the school, and staying with her host family. She loved the staff at the school and the tennis club, and she really enjoyed all of the students she met.    Sarah grew a tremendous amount and achieved a new level of independence, finding the courage to come to Barcelona and do the program on her own, without a friend, was a real breakthrough for her.   She also loved exploring the city, and experiencing so many new things -- it was a real step towards maturity!
Thank you again for everything Miriam. 
I know we were so back and forth on whether to commit to the program, and in the end,
it was truly a wonderful and rewarding experience.
We look forward to seeing the pictures!
Best, Resa

 Anthony est rentren France super content de sa semaine au camp.
Il en gardera un tres bon souvenir à moins qu'il decide de renouveler cette expérience l'an prochain !

En tout cas, nous remercions toute l'équipe de SpainBcn ainsi que la famille d'accueil avec qui, il va garder contact.

Les parents.

Ethan is now home safe with us. He had such wonderful time in Barcelona. He absolutely adored the program and his family. He said that this was the biggest and best adventure of his entire life. His Spanish has improved as has his soccer skills. 
Your program was exactly as I hoped it would be. Absolutely terrific!
Much thanks for all, Renee Havens

Muchos Gracias Miriam, Angeles y Steve!  
Adam está en casa y feliz. El tenía un viaje maravilloso con una gran cantidad de información. Lo primero que me preguntó que hacer era ir a jugar al fútbol. Realmente disfrutamos de la primera familia de acogida.
Gracias de nuevo por tener un gran programa.
Rose Wilson

Angeles, Miriam, etc.
Thank you so much for your amazing program.
Sam had the most incredible summer in Spain thanks to you and your staff. It exceeded our expectations and we are so pleased he had the opportunity to be with you.
Your office was organized with great communication. The host families were so generous and kind to Sam. And the soccer, Spanish, cultural activities were excellent. We will highly recommend your program to all our friends. Thank you again for all your time and effort. Sam will miss you all. best, Judi and Kris Strohbehn

He is having such a wonderful time and we cannot thank you enough!  Also, he sent a message today to my daughter describing the delicious meal that his host family served last night -- so wonderful! Many thanks. Sandy

Thank you very. Josh and Luke had a great time in Barcelona and have improved their Spanish a lot.
Nice to hear that they were well perceived by the families.
Thanks very much to all of you and the host families to look after them Best regards, Jen

Hi Maria and team at SpainBcn-Programs Big thank you for welcoming Xavier to your school in July  and making his stay in Barcelona so wonderful. He had an amazing time and met so many new friends. We really appreciated the professional, well organised and caring manner in which you operated. 

I hope to send our younger son there in a few years. Thanks again, Lisa (Mother of Xavier Byrne)

We have Robin back. We all are very happy that he joined the SpainBcn-Barcelona's camp. It seems everything was perfect.

Thank you for excelent organisation.

Anja Rismal

Hi Angeles, et all, Sam loves Spain. I do not think he will want to home to the US this summer. Thank you again for help in making his time in Spain such a wonderful experience. Judi and Kris

Hi Miriam, 
Thank you for keeping us informed. Malcolm seems fine with the change and is looking forward to a new experience. His current family has been so kind to him and he will miss them very much!! Malcolm is having a great experience and it seems he is learning a lot and having fun too. Thank you for everything!

Rita, Malcolm's mother

For Swimming Program:
The swimming program was really fun! We trained hard and our coaches were really nice and knew what they were talking about. The facilities were really nice and the pools were great! I made great friends through the program who I am still in contact with. Hasta pronto! Settie Harrison

When i first went to Spain i immediately fell in love with the city of I strongly recommend SpainBcn Summer Camp. It was one of the only camps which includes sports, Spanish lessons and living in host families.

Barcelona is a great city as well. Living in a host family enriches this experience greatly. The Spanish lessons are fun and interactive. The Tennis adds an activity to challenge you and helps you improve level effectively. Having been there 2 years in a row now, i really enjoyed my 2 week stays each time.

Aubin, (French student from Shanghai)

Dear Steve,

Firstly I give you my permission to give out my email address to potential students.
So here is my referral:
It was a great experience in Barcelona. It was a really good course, where I learned a lot of new things; got back a lot of my lost vocabulary or how I can use some therms. Really good was to learn It was a great group of people of different counties all over Europe.
I will come to the next course in May and I'm really looking forward.

Greetings from Germany.
Throughout my previous summers in other areas of the world, there is nothing that compares to the one with the Spain Bcn-Programme in the summer of 2013. This was more than just a regular language course. It was an overall experience that I will never forget. In primary respects, the fact that one could choose to practise a sport from a variety of choices, made it even more appealing. In my case I played basketball every day in the morning which was great, seeing as we were mixed with the local spanish kids provided another opportunity for us to practise spanish and improve our basketball skills simultaneously. My host family took great care of me and further assisted in getting my spanish to the next level. Whenever we had guests over, who were also in the programme and knew english, my host family encouraged us to communicate in Spanish. This further illustrates that they genuinely cared for me to continue practise my spanish independently. What is more remarkable were all the excursions we made on a daily basis. From trips to the beach to experiencing the wonders of Barcelona like Parc Guell or CosmoCaixa. Up til this day, me and my friends that I got to know from the program are still communicating and from the moment we got back home from the programme, we began planning another trip to barcelona for one of the coming summers. Even if we choose to travel outside the program, it would be to simply just relive the whole experience again. (From my daily journal which I wrote throughout my stay in the programme) “If home is where the heart is, I inhabit the streets of Barcelona, the magic lights of Passeig de gracia, and the ever so dreamy atmosphere of plaça de catalunya. The SpainBcn-Program in summer is a must for anyone who wants to go on a journey they will never forget.” I chose to not finish writing my journal for all the 14 days. Simply because I am convinced that I will be back soon. :)
Nicholas O, Stockholm, Sweden.

Last June, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend SpainBcn Programs Barcelona for two weeks. I came with a decent amount of Spanish knowledge from school, but in just two weeks, my abilities increased tenfold. Classes strengthened my grammar, increased my comfort with my accent and oral skills, and in particular helped my vocabulary, while beyond the classroom, my speaking abilities flourished through conversations completely in Spanish with locals and my classmates alike. I also formed lasting friendships with my peers, fostered by the encouraging environment of the school, and learned to enjoy and understand a large array of aspects of Spanish life and culture, from the Catalonian perspective on politics and the delicious regional food by way of my host family to Gaudí's unique architecture and stunning beaches, which I saw on fascinating cultural field trips organized by the school. I can honestly say that I had the experience of a lifetime, the dream of anyone who loves languages, learning about new cultures, and getting ahead in Spanish back at school!

Alyssa, Greenwich, CT - USA

"Para mi este viaje es estado el mejor de toda mi vita, he aprendido mucho espanol y un poco de ingles, la escuela es meravillosa y los profesores tambien. las familias para los estudiantes son muy divertidas. Recomiendo a todos los estudiantes del mundo de ir en esto colejio. Un saluto a todos!!! Adios"
Giulio, from Rome, Italy

My trip to Spain was the best vacation I've ever been on. I worried a lot but once I got there everyone was very nice and I had lots of fun. My host family was kind, the other students were fun to be around, and I loved playing soccer, exploring Barcelona, and going to the beach. I'm excited to go again and learn more Spanish next year.
Joey, MA, USA

I had a lot of fun during my week in Barcelona. I did the basketball and Spanish class, which was a lot of fun. I also had a very good coach. I had a great host family who taught me a lot of Spanish and were really kind. There were two kids in the family, which whom I liked to talk and play games. Also, I had an amazing roommate I spent my time with when the activities of the day were over. Although the activities were intense, there was still a lot of free time to hang around with friends. I made a lot of friends, some of them I still talk to.

Evelien, The Netherlands

Dear Angeles,
Thank you for your email. Sam is very happy in Spain!
Your company "SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona" is very well organized and has been my great pleasure to work with...better than many programs in the USA! The communication between your office and the families is excellent! Thank you for that.
Sam is having a fantastic time in Barcelona...I don't think he wants to come home :)
This is to report that Anya is back home safe and sound, we cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful adventure!
Brian, NY

I heard from Miriam about Sam's next home family, which sounds great. Thank you Miriam. We are grateful to his new host family, Escudero.

Best, Judi

A GREAT EXPERIENCE! - Last summer, in the month of July, I spent two fantastic weeks in Barcelona with “SpainBcn-Programs” : it has been the best holiday ever! I stayed in a very nice family and thanks to them, I followed the rhythms of Spanish life for two weeks. In the morning I had Spanish classes and I learned a lot, my teachers were very funny, after four hours of classes we had a break for lunch time and in the afternoon we could choose among a lot of activities like sports (football, swimming, tennis…) and trips around the city . I went on different trips every day (like Sagrada Familia, science and art museums, the park Guell) : Barcelone is spectacular there’s something particular behind every corner! The week ends were my favourite two days : on Saturday we went to the beach and spent there the whole day and on Sunday we stayed with our host family. During this weeks I really had a great time : I met wonderful people from all over the world, I did the best friendship that will last in the future and I remember everything with a lot of malencoly!!
Claudia from Italy.
Hi, figured I'd do this cause your camps rock.

I flew to Barcelona for two weeks in July, very nervous and not knowing what to expect.  I was impressed by the hospitality of everyone who worked at the camp and their friendliness.  I made a ton of friends across the globe, many of whom I'm still in contact with.  I also participated in the swimming program, which I only have praises for.  The facilities were fantastic and the coaches were very enthusiastic as well.  Dining in Barcelona is phenomenal, as is exploring what the city has to offer.  I made tons of memories, all of which are remembered fondly.  This camp was everything I hoped for, and I even learned Spanish!

Jay .- Texas, US
Here's my testimonial: this program was the greatest experience of my life! Spain is such a beautiful country with such a vibrant culture. The first day I arrived was a Saturday, so I got to go to the beach, and all of the others students we so nice to me and I made such great friends that I will always love. My host family was so nice, and the mother was an excellent cook. We ate together outside every night. The school was so much fun, it had a fun environment and it felt like a family. We got to visit the most amazing places and I had such amazing adventures that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I fully intend on to returning to Spain again. I would recommend this trip to everyone, it gives you a chance to travel, meet great people, and experience such a great culture. I love everyone in this program and I will never forget it

Kaitlyn, from California, US.
I have gone two times now and I would love to do it again. All the people are so wouderfull and nice I feel like I'm just at home. I think it's a life time experience for everyone. The culture in the programe and the group is so rich. The students are from around the world and most of them speak English perfect. The Spanish classes are rated and you really improve your skills in the language. Everyone can join the Spanish classes he/she wants to. I sure had the best host family there was. They where so nice... I still have contact with them up this day and I also have contact with many student from the programme.
Thank you very much for the experience.

Kars, from The Netherlands.
I had a great time last summer! I learned a ridiculous amount of Spanish, and met a lot if nice people. My host family was very hospitable and they lived fairly close to the school(which is right in the middle of the city). Also Barcelona is just an amazing city. I was there for 3 weeks and I saw something new everyday. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants an amazing experience, new international friends, and are serious about learning Spanish.
Duke, from Seatle, US
Si! Mi experiencia en Barcelona fue muy divertida y interesantes! Me encanta las personas y Los professores! Los excursions son muy interesantes y mi favorito excursion fue la tienda de Happy Pills! Hay muchos chuches deliciosos! Es un buena parada!
Mi recomendacion: Ve a Barcelona para una experiencia fantastica!

Emmy, from Utah, US
Here it is: "this past summer I went to the SpainBcn summer camp. I did tennis along with Spanish lessons. I loved it! I didn't feel like a tourist in the city, but rather a traveler since we were living with host families. The Spanish lessons weren't dull, but instead interesting since we discussed current topics with our great teachers. I especially enjoyed tennis since we were playing with Spanish kids, which gave us a chance to practice with people our own age. The other campers became great friends while we where there. I highly recommend it and already can't wait until next year!
Logan, from London, UK

Thank you Angeles for taking such good care of Gabriela. I think that she had a wonderful time. We look forward to seeing the pictures.
James, NY
Thank you so much for my time at SpainBcn.
It was so awesome getting to go to Barcelona and being a part of this progam, it is something I will never forget. I really had a great time with my host family, the soccer camp, as well as the excursions.
Everything was even better than expected. Barcelona and my host family! SpainBcn-Programs found a family that was perfect for me: they had a dog, three wonderful girls and the nicest parents imaginable. I loved spending time playing cards or being silly with the girls, and some days we went to the beach! Although I was alone with the family, if there was a word I didn't know, the eldest daughter spoke English pretty well so she could help me out. The program was great because it allowed me to make friends from Spain as well around the world. I met people from France, Holland, England, Switzerland, and more!! Even the lessons were fun because instead of a boring Spanish class at school, it was possible to improve vastly with native teachers young enough to relate to the students. One great aspect of the "school day" was the 3 hour lunch break that was more than enough time to explore the city, try great new foods and bond with other teenagers. Additionally, the cultural program was great for anyone to make new friends and see amazing sights such as the works of Antoni Gaudí­ (he's my favorite architect!) I loved every minute I spent in Spain, and learned a ton! It's all thanks to SpainBcn-Programs. ¡Muchas gracias!"

Rachel, Michigan, USA

Hi Marta,
I can't tell you what a fantastic experience Logan had during his stay.  Something he will remember the rest of his life.  Thank you.

We appreciate the great care you took to get Ruben from the airport to his family! He enjoyed the program very much and what we have heard of the program was all true. We look forward to sharing SpainBcn Soccer with others.

Thanks for running such a great program and being so kind to all of us.
Maria + Abrasha, from San Francisco, US
Just a note to say that Alexi absolutely LOVED his program. It was everything we had hoped it would be and more. Thank you so much for taking such good care of the kids and for offering an excellent program. Alexi would love to come back next year, and is busy studying Spanish to prepare himself.

Thank you!
Alexi's mother, from San Francisco, US

Overall, he is having a great time, he says. He likes his host family, he is having a good time with the other boys, and he is really enjoying the excursions. We are so grateful for the good care you are taking of him and the excellent program you run - it really shows! We can sleep at night knowing Alexi is having fun, hopefully learning at least a little Spanish, playing soccer, making new friends, and seeing a new country. Viva SpainBcn Programs!
Karina M

I love you guys.
Thank you so much,

Hola Miriam, This is Joshua
Letting you know i am back in London
I had a really good time when I was in Barcelona!
The school was very nice to me and you were a very good teacher!
I would defintley like to come back next year and stay with the same family.
Thank you x

From London, UK
Hello Angeles,
Thank you for you kind note.  I know Addison is having a great experience--with school, his host family, friends from school, and the city of Barcelona! When Addison first arrived, I received long letters about all his experiences--all good.  However, as each day past I heard less from him and knew that it was because he was busy, comfortable, and happy.  He is involved with his life there and happy.  The other day I called him because it had been a few days--he picked up the phone, his voice full of joy.  He was out in a square with friends from school.  Your program, Maria and host family, has been everything we could have hoped for--wonderful.  Thank you!
Warm regards, Kim Montano, Canada.
Thank you so much for sending the pictures AND for such a wonderful experience at your camp this summer. It really was a highlight of the trip. Our expectations were very high and you still managed to exceed them!
We hope to be back again someday soon. I will be in touch!
Muchos Gracias,
Sheila, from NY
Good evening.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for Katrina over the past two weeks.
As happy as Katrina will be to see her family, she is very sad to leave Spain and all the nice people.

Thank you very much for all. Paul (Canada).
Hi Angeles,
Thank you for sharing these great pictures of the boys. They had so much fun at camp and we had such a great time in Barcelona we can’t stop talking about it now that we’ve returned home.
We are trying to figure out how to get back next summer.
Have a great summer!

Debbie, from NY
Hola Miriam,
Thank you for having Sean in your camp last week. He had a wonderful time and
we have enjoyed hearing all about his adventures. He especially liked the family
where he stayed as well as the excursions around Barcelona. I love that he was
able to practice his Spanish and gain more confidence in his pronunciation.

All the best,
Barbara Parks
Thank you again. Please extend our thank you to the coordinators and in particular to Miriam who was amazing. 
With warmest regards,
Forouz and Mohamad Sadrieh
Our daughter, Lily, participated in the first session this past Summer, 2011.

Her experience was exceptional on every level. She adored her host family and all of the programs: Spanish, soccer and cultural.

Thank you for providing such an excellent program that is educational, fun and safe for our children. They learn skills and a true sense of independence.

We would be happy to be listed as a reference for families considering the program for their children.

Again, thank you. Our deepest appreciation,

Billy and Debra
Los Angeles, California, US.
Hola SpainBcn and Hola Miriam--

Many thanks for all you did for Rachel this past session; she had a great time and loved Barcelona and her whole situation; we look forward to seeing the pictures, and I hope she will be sending you some in the near future when she gets a chance.
All the best and please thank everyone for their help.

It was a great experience for Rachel and for us.
Muchicimas gracias...

Thank you so much for making this first Spanish experience so productive and wonderful. He loved his family and the classes. Thomas said he learned so much and he feels so at home in Barcelona; I think he discovered a country and a people he has fallen in love with! You have a fabulous program: Bravo!
Mrs. Hasse, NY, USA
We picked up Roe in San Francisco last night.
It sounds like he had a great time at the school; thanks for everything.
Jim Klein
Dear Miriam ,
Just a quick thank you for looking after Philip and dropping him off at the Airport this morning. I confirm that he has arrived in Seville and been met by his sister. He seemed happy and to have to enjoyed his week in Barcelona both at the school and with the host family.No doubt I will hear much more when he returns to London next regards. Helen Bowron

Hola! Its me Lakshmi hope you remember me.
I had the most fun time during these 7 days it still feels like a day or two to me. Wish we got a chance to stay for a couple days more with you guys.
As soon as we came back home my parents asked how was the trip my answer was "IT WAS WORTH IT :D :D" i loved spain and on top of all u guys you guys were "muy muy glado"(hope thats correct).
Hope to see you guys soon.
My best wishes to Miriam and " I miss you guys" with tones of love. Lakshmi :)
Hola Amigos,
Saludos de Scottsdale Arizona USA. Espero que todos se encuentren bien, ya descansando de los niños y un verano bien movido. Quieria entrar en contacto con Uds. para darles las gracias por una experiencia tan rica. De verdad Andrew lo paso al máximo y quedo con ganas de volver el año que viene. Muchos saludos a todos por alla y espero mantenernos en contacto durante el año. Fue un súper placer de haberlos conocidos. Peter.
Thank you so much for your program.
We are very much looking forward to seeing Quinn later today. His emails have been very enthusiastic about the program and he clearly has enjoyed his family, particularly his brother. 

Anne and Ralph

Thank you so very much for the wonderful experience Nick had in Spain!.
He is absolutely raving about it. He really enjoyed Barcelona, his host family, of course the beach, and the soccer camp. I'm not sure how much Spanish he learned, but he learned to be very comfortable moving about Barcelona, shopping (I love the clothes he bought) and participating in the soccer camp. I know he met many boys from other places in the US and plans to keep in touch with them. He seems to have grown up quite a bit. The experience will be with him forever.

Thank you for keeping an eye on him and getting him and Gabriel, from and to the airport. I can not imagine how hard it is to keep track of those students, coming and going.

Have a good and successful summer. I know Nick did. Best Regards, M.Golden, Austin, Texas USA (Student: Nick)

Thank you Miriam.  Emma called when she made it through security.   She did have a wonderful time and everything was perfect.  David and I are so grateful to you and your program.  We are glad that she could have this amazing summer experience.  Your organization is fantastic.  Please feel free to list our family as a positive reference.  I am happy to respond to emails from perspective applicants.  
Thank you so much,

Lee Anne and David, Los Angeles, US
Hello SpainBcn;
We just wanted to send you a quick thank you. Our son Patrick had a wonderful time at your program.  His host family was fabulous in every possible way; Patrick raved about how nice and helpful they were. Their communication with us was also really helpful and reassuring. Thank you for placing him with such warm and welcoming people.

Patrick also had many other favorable things to say about the program. He learned lots of Spanish, he loved the futbol sessions, and the trips around Barcelona were excellent. We were surprised and impressed to get a mini- lecture on La Sagrada Familia from him when he came home.
Thanks also for putting in the extra trouble to make sure he arrived safely after his original flight was canceled. Again, we could not be happier with your program. Thank you so much for giving him such a terrific experience!
Holly and John Enright
Dear Angeles and Miriam,
I want to thank you for taking such good care of Melissa this past summer. It was very difficult for us to let our 15 year old go to Spain to learn Spanish (she downloaded pictures from your website and posted them all over the house to convince us she should go). We are so glad we did. Now she´s teaching me Spanish! Please send more information about the soccer program! Sincerely, Beth Linder -
From Mrs. Linder, Orlando, Florida, USA (Student: Melissa).
Thank you very much for your message. We have been extremely pleased and impressed with the way you run your organization from registration and follow up to the way Teymour was greeted the first day by the coordinators and the host family. Everything was perfect. It was the first time Teymour was abroad for 3 weeks and it was a big relief to know how happy he was. We also know he learned a lot of Spanish during his stay. He also loved his host family, the excursions and the soccer program.
We have recommended your program to a lot of our friends and I think you might see some more of Teymour's friends next year. 

From San Francisco, US.

From teachers and group program coordinators:
I believe the majority of us have exhausted our vocabulary when describing to our peers the astounding experience every one of us had in our visit to Barcelona, Spain. With a group of ten, exalted students and one truly wonderful teacher, the entire trip, from day one, was a memory to be cherished.
Organized by the SpainBcn group, we were received at the airport by one of the three coordinators, who assisted us wholeheartedly throughout.

Lasting a total of eight days from March 9th to March 18th, each day possessed an inundated itinerary full of classes, sightseeing, trips to the beach and even time for our personal favourite, shopping. Our day commenced at approximately nine o’ clock with two hours of Spanish classes and then an hour of cultural history relating to the historical location to be visited later that day. Between our trips for lunch and dinner we were served exquisite, traditional Spanish dishes that were personally made for our group. While the trip was an additional academic benefit for the Spanish students, the others gained just as much in terms of visiting a new country and appreciating another culture. We were able to surpass our communication difficulties and relish a successful and fruitful excursion.
On behalf of every one of us, we recommend this to anyone who is willing to open their mind to a new world.
My wife, 12-year old son and I spent 3 months in Barcelona and studied at the SpainBcn language school.  We found the entire experience wonderful, most notably the productive and pleasant language learning, the safe urban lifestyle, and the exposure to Spanish and Catalan culture.
We're often asked about the two languages, Castilian (Spanish) and Catalan (the local language of the Cataluña region), and whether this caused any difficulties or confusion during our stay.  To the contrary, we found the combined Spanish/Catalan aspects of Barcelona to be an advantage over other areas in Spain that we visited.  In Barcelona and Cataluña in general, literally all the locals speak both Castilian and Catalan with equal and total fluency.  Likewise all public signage (e.g. in the Metro) is in both languages.  All my family had a wonderful time and I jut can say that now we all love Barcelona and Spain!
From Mr. McClelland - Nevada , USA
Thank you so much for your kindness and all the work you did to make our stay more pleasant. Barcelona is a very busy and interesting city.
My son Cyrus is interested in doing the Soccer Program again next year.
We'll keep in touch!
Aziz. from Sacramento, California US
Thanks for taking such good care of our son.  He had a wonderful experience.

We think you have a student for next summer too!
From NY, Ms. Clark.

Mi estancia en Barcelona va muy bien. Estoy por primera vez viajando por la península Ibérica. Antes sólo conocía de España las islas mas turísticas y ¡hay una gran diferencia!. Me gusta mucho la manera de vivir de aquí, a otra velocidad y más divertido todo. Y me encanta el tiempo, claro...Pero lo mejor es la escuela donde he estudiado que se llama SpainBcn. Aquí se aprende español de forma muy divertida y además he encontrado gente y estudiantes de todas partes de Europa y también del mundo.
- Mathias (Berlín, Alemania)
Dear Angeles,

We would like to thank you very much indeed for your great and wounderfull soccer camp and summer program. My two kids loved it big time and enjoyed very much indeed their host families. We hope they did behave well..
Many thanks for the great organisation, for all your help and for everything..."
From Ted, Austin, Texas, US.
(Students: Michael and Dickson )
After being with us, send your "testimonial" talking about your stay in Barcelona with SpainBcn-Programs
and we will be happy to include it in the list above.

Thank you to you all.