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Why Barcelona? Barcelona is a modern, beautiful and cosmopolitan Spanish city that has inherited many centuries of history. Its geographic location and the open character of its inhabitants are the reasons why the city is being culturally enriched all the time. It has a valuable architectural and monumental heritage, the most splendid exponents of which are its Gothic and modernista buildings. Five of its buildings have been designated World Heritage Sites. The entire city guarantees that visitors will enjoy taking a stroll around its streets which are replete with charm! Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and enjoys a prime location on the Mediterranean coast that has made this city the first port of the Mediterranean.
The links with the rest of europe are excellent.
These are just a few reasons. After you visit this fantastic city you will have many others...
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A tailor-made program can be made for your group. Create your group's program combining more or less hours of Spanish classes (content of the lessons according to your options), Flamenco class customized for your group, social activities with Spanish students, culinary class, sport camps...
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Full supervision for those traveling with young children or teenagers.
The content of the course or classes will be especialy designed for each group.

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