SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
WHO ARE THE PARTICIPANTS: Boys and girls from 11 to 20 with experience in Soccer/Football (all levels) and with any levels of Spanish. Most of our students are from different parts of United States (around 70%), from different European countries (25 %) and some are from many other different parts of the world (5%). Soccer/Football Players are organized in the camp according to their age and skills. They are placed in class according to their level of Spanish. The Homestay Programs are open only for participants of 11 and 12 years old if they are staying with the host family together with a brother or sister or a friend.
SUPERVISED PROGRAMS: Our Summer Programs for Junior and Teens in Barcelona are fully supervised. Our coordinators pick up the students at their accommodation sin the morning and they will also accompany them back to their accommodation after the daily activities. The SpainBcn Directors are available 24/7 and SpainBcn teachers and coordinators accompany the students during all the activities included in the program.
Carefully selected Spanish host family accommodation
Daily breakfast and dinner are with the host family. Laundry (1 or 2 per week) is included. Our host families are nice and well educated people that will offer a warm envoirement and take good care of our students. Host families have children with similar ages to our students.
Most of the host families live short walking distance from our school and always in the center of the city in some of the nicest areas. According to your preferences students can be placed alone or with 1 or 2 more students at the same host family accommodation. There are some host families that can accommodate 3 or 4 students at the same time. Inform us about your preferences and requests.
CURFEWS: This is a supervised program for students under 18. Students under 18 are not allowed to be away from their home in Barcelona overnight (after 11,30) and curfews will be strictly enforced.A student bad behaviour may then result in the school contacting the parent or guardian to inform them that the parents/guardians must speak with their child directly.
** Parents or guardians who want to permit their children to go out after the curfew have to send to the school a formal permission slip.
NOTE: Some host families do not want this situation so we may need to place the participants with another host family accommodation if needed.
SPANISH CLASSES: Participants younger than 12 years old only will attend the Cultural Program and not the Spanish Course (unless they have a good level of Spanish). A special Spanish Class for young students can be organized if there is a minimum of 5 students interested.
ABOUT THE CULTURAL PROGRAM: the program activities are different every day so those who enrol for more than 1 week will enjoy different visits and activities every day of the program.On Saturday: Day excursions out of Barcelona (different every Saturday) to visit other interesting locations also in the Mediterranean coast and to enjoy other beaches and the cultural guided visits.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
CLOTHES TO BRING: July is very warm in Barcelona, students should only bring summer clothes. Casual wear will be fine. Confortable summer clothes as in June and July temperature can be between 24º and 29º Celsius (68 and 78 Farenheit), hot during the day and warm or very warm during the night. Remember to bring the swimming suit, towel and sunscream for the beach days. The host families provide the student/s with any towels, sheets and pilows needed. It's not necessary to bring any first aid medicine (except in the case the student needs anything special). If you have questions, please ask us.
DOCUMENTATION AND SHOTS: You will need a current passport to be in Europe (or just your identification if you are an European citizen). For United States and Canada No visa is required for this period in Spain . Participants from other countries should check with the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country. Check with your doctor to see what shots you might want to consider. None are required. We always recommend keeping your tetanus booster current.
DO I NEED A MEDiCAL INSURANCE?: Those students who are from the European Union won't need any special medical insurance as it will work the same that works in their countries. For those participants from a non European Union country a trip insurance is recommended. These participants will have to have an insurance that covers them while traveling in Europe in case they want to reduce any possible expenses from any medical assistence they may need while in Spain. In that case, a travel insurance is an essential purchase on any overseas trip.
POCKET/SPENDING MONEY: We suggest to bring around 90 or 95 euros per week for lunch and/or for minor expenses -approximately 10 or 12 euros per day-.
NOTE: We are in a nice residential and toursitic area of the city and here there are many restaurants and places to eat all type of food, many shops and brand stores.
Those participants who are 15 and older and want to go back to the host families with the group after the daily activities need to buy a Bus ticket (T-10 cost 10 euros).
Older participants may also need it to do some activities with the group of friends from the Spanish host families on Sundays.
ON ARRIVAL: The SpainBcn representative that meets the student at the airport will drive the student to the host family accommodation and introduce the student to the family.
FIRST DAY: The first day the students receive maps and directions and other information they need: phone numbers and addresses of the school, of the host family and of other students/friends also in Barcelona.
The first day of program the host family accompanies the student to the school or to the meeting point or a coordinator of the school will go to pick the student up.
PHONE CALLS FROM SPAIN: Participants are normally not permitted to make long-distance phone calls directly from their host family's phone or from the School phone. They have to use a phone card to make those calls. However students' parents may call the participants at the accommodation or at the school.
It is also customary to keep calls brief to not interrup to much the family's life.
Most of the host families have internet at home so students can use it. They also have internet access at School.


Junior or teeangers who are on vacation in Barcelona with their families can also join our Youth Summer Programs during their stay in Barcelona through a Day (from 9 am to 7:15 pm) or through a Half Day Program (from 9 am to 2:30 pm). These Day or Half Day summer programs for families or small groups can be customized. Inform us about your kids ages, dates in Barcelona and group needs.

Any other questions? e-mail us!

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